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AMA (American Medical Association) Style (2007)

AMA Medstyle Stat! (ETR ed., Fall 2009) Journal Abbreviation Lists International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Documents (2009)

APA (Psychology) Research Style (2009)

APA Style Lite for College Papers (2010) APA Style Adapted for College Papers & Style Overview

ASA (American Sociological Association) Style (2007)

ASA Style Lite for Research Papers (2010)

Chicago-Turabian Research Style (2007)

CMS Crib Sheet

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style (2009)

MLA (Style) Lite for Research Papers

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Basics: Introduction to Research Styles Gopen, George D. & Judith A. Swan. American Scientist, November-December 1990.
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